Event 33: Checking In On The Day 2ers

Event 33: $10,000 High-Roller 8-Max $1,000,000 Guarantee 

Level 16
Blinds: 1,200-2,400 w/400 ante
Total Entrants: 87
Players Remaining: 30


Super High Roller Bowl third place finisher Stefan Schillhabel entered the Venetian High Roller event at the start of Day 2 and is playing 175,000 from the 50,000 chip stack he started the day with. 

Adrian Mateos is far out in front of all the players who entered on Day 2 and recently jumped over the 400,000 mark. That said, there a few other second day entries who are doing more than holding their own so far. Of the Day 2 players Among those who are playing at least double the 50,000 chips they started play with are David Eldridge, Paul Volpe, Stefan Schillhabel, Alex Keating, and David Peters.

Chance Kornuth is one of the more recent Day 2 entries and he found a double-up nearly right away when his 66♠ found a third six on the turn against the 8♣8 of Dietrich Fast. Fast entered earlier on Day 2 and is doing plenty well with 150,000 in front of him.

As the blinds start to gradually become more of a factor, the stacks these Day 2 players have built so far should pay large dividends as we near the end of the entry period. Assorted stacks for Day 2 players are below.

Alex Keating – 180,000
Stefan Schillhabel – 175,000
Dietrich Fast – 150,000
David Eldridge – 115,000
David Peters – 110,000
Chance Kornuth – 105,000
Paul Volpe – 100,000

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