Event 33: Christner Rising, Volpe Closes Table 58 With A Bang

Event 33: $10,000 High-Roller 8-Max $1,000,000 Guarantee 

Level 18
Blinds: 2,000-4,000 w/500 ante
Total Entrants: 98
Players Remaining: 20


Christian Christner is at his tournament peak with 450,000 after starting the day slower than he would have liked. 

Christian Christner started Day 2 as a new entry and took a few levels to firmly gain footing in this High Roller field. Christner has been on the uptick for the last few levels or so and is now over 450,000 with his elimination of Jack Duong playing a large role in his stack increase.

Christner limped in from the small blind and Duong raised to 9,000 from the big blind. Christner responded by putting Duong all-in for 75,000 and Duong called with AK. Christner turned over Q♣Q♠ and managed to fade on the 10424♣7 board to collect Duong’s stack.

On the active Table 58, Paul Volpe found a double up through Adrian Mateos right before the table broke. Picking up the action on a flop of J103, David Eldridge checked from the big blind as did Volpe on his direct left. Mateos bet 20,000 on the button and Eldridge called. Volpe moved all-in for 101,500 and Mateos re-shoved. Eldridge gave Mateos a lengthy stare before mucking his cards and retaining his stack of 205,000.

Both Mateos and Volpe were drawing with Mateos’s A5 up against the K♣Q♠ of Volpe. The A turn gave Volpe his straight and the 5♠ river locked up the hand. Volpe is up to 260,000 while Mateos is down to 700,000, but still the chip leader.

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