Event 33: Hutter Growing, Gomez Flops Perfect To Double

Event 33: $10,000 High-Roller 8-Max $1,000,000 Guarantee 

Level 21
Blinds: 4,000-8,000 w/1,000 ante
Total Entrants: 107
Players Remaining: 15
Chip Average: 320,000

DSC_0015 (1)

Barry Hutter started Day 2 later than most but is climbing toward the chip average near the money bubble. 

Barry Hutter took his seat in the Venetian High Roller during Level 19 and came back from dinner with just over the 50,000 starting stack. Level 20 was kind to Hutter and he is playing 260,000 on the verge of the money bubble after taking down a healthy pot against Chris Hunichen.

Picking up the action on a flop of 7♣4♠2, Hunichen checked from the big blind and Hutter bet about 20,000. Hunichen called and the A♣ came on the turn. Hunichen check-called for 25,000 more and then checked the 2♣ river. Hutter bet 86,000, sending Hunichen deep into the tank. After three minutes, Hunichen folded and Hutter raked in the pot. Hunichen is still fairly well off with 500,000.

A short while later, Javier Gomez was all-in for 111,000 and got a call from Paul Volpe. Gomez’s K10 needed help against the KJ♠ of Volpe and the A♣Q♣J♣ flop gave him broadway. The rest of the board bricked and Volpe falls to 725,000.

Dennis Blieden was eliminated in the last level and the field stands at 15.

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