Event 34: Barry Hallman Doubles Through Andy O’Flaherty & Miguel Maldanado

Event 34: $600 Omaha 8-or-Better $150,000 Guarantee 

Level 22
Blinds: 15,000/30,000
Players Remaining: 10 

Miguel Maldanado made it 60,000 from the hijack and Andy O’Flaherty called from the cutoff. Barry Hallman raised to 90,000 from the small blind – leaving himself a single 5,000 chip behind. Maldanado and O’Flaherty called and the dealer fanned KQ10♣. Hallman tossed his final chip into the middle and Maldanado and O’Flaherty called.

Maldanado and O’Flaherty checked down the remainder of the board – 4♣10♦.

Maldanado showed AQ♣5♣4♠, O’Flaherty tabled A543 and Hallman scooped with A♣K♠9♣3♠.

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