Event 33: All-ins Dominate The Early Going

Event 33: $10,000 High-Roller 8-Max $1,000,000 Guarantee 

Level 24
Blinds: 8,000-16,000 w/2,000 ante
Total Entrants: 107
Players Remaining: 7
Chip Average: 764,000

DSC_0027 (3)

David Peters has a little bit more breathing room now than what he started the final table with after getting a few all-ins through. 

The first half of Level 24 has been primarily populated by all-ins from the shorter stacked players. Already, Paul Volpe and David Peters have put themselves at risk but have not found any action.

Peters has shoved three times so far, once during the very first hand when he jammed on the button, and twice as a three-bet all-in. He hasn’t found any takers so far and has his stack up to 400,000 as a result.

Volpe moved all-in from the big blind over a 40,000 button raise from Martin Kozlov for 480,000 and caused Kozlov to tank for three minutes before giving up the hand.

Aside from Peters, David Stamm has had the most profitable final table thus far as he is up to 980,000 after taking down a few smaller pots. As the final table continues, it will be interesting to see if the trend of all-ins sustains, especially as the blinds gradually move up.

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