Event 42: Jose Cavazos Eliminated 9th ($7,304)

Event 42: $600 No-Limit Hold’em SuperStack $200,000 Guarantee 

Level 26
Blinds: 20,000-40,000 w/5,000 ante
Total Entrants: 791
Players Remaining: 8


Jose Cavazos

The next short stack out is Jose Cavazos as he and Alex Dimitrov tangled in another battle of low-stacked players.

Dimitrov jammed for about 700,000 on the button and Cavazos put his last 350,000 in from the small blind. Cavazos found himself in deep trouble with A8♣ going up against the A♣10 of Dimitrov.

The J♠9♣3♠ flop cracked open the back door and the 9 turn put some chops outs in front of Cavazos. He was live to stay in the tournament but the 10♣ river was not a card Cavazos wanted to see and he exits in ninth.

Like Matt Yorra before him, Dimitrov is over 1,000,000 and not in any immediate danger of being at risk.

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