Event 49: Lex Nerenberg Eliminated 7th ($4,923)

Event 49: $600 Big O $75,000 Guarantee 

Level 23
Blinds: 12,000/24,000
Total Entrants: 288
Players Remaining: 6


Lex Nerenberg

Level 23 has been slow as most pots have ended without a flop. That ended when Lex Nerenberg went to the payout desk with Leif Force sending him there.

Nerenberg raised to 72,000 out of the small blind and Force potted to him all-in. Nerenberg called with A♠A♣KQ♣9and was against the Q♠6♠4♠32 of Force.

The AK♠2♠ flop gave Nerenberg a set and Force multiple outs to a low and a straight to scoop. The 10♣ turn kept Nerenberg ahead but the 5 river gave Force the wheel to scoop the whole pot.

Joseph Stiers is still the chip leader (1,550,000) but Force is over the seven-figure mark as well with 1,075,000.

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