Event 51: Harrison Gimbel Reverses The Flip To Double

Event 51: $1,100 No-Limit Hold’em Bounty $250,000 Guarantee 

Level 20
Blinds: 5,000/10,000/1,000
Total Entrants: 234
Players Remaining: 8

DSC_0002 (2)

Harrison Gimbel

Harrison Gimbel lost a key flip to Antoni Saout to lose most of his stack but doubled up a few hands later through Anthony Maio in the same exact flip to boost his stack back up.

Louis Linard opened to 25,000 in middle position and Gimbel shoved for 49,000 on the button. Maio put in a raise to 101,000 from the small blind and Louis released. Gimbel had the 10♣10, this time, against the AK♣ of Maio. The Q♣5596 runout was a good one for Gimbel and he stacks up to 130,000. Maio is still healthy with 425,000.

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