Event 57: AJ Waheed Atiqi Eliminated 10th ($1,968)

Event 57: $600 Pot-Limit Omaha $75,000 Guarantee

Level 21
Blinds: 8,000/16,000
Total Entrants: 200
Players Remaining: 9


AJ Waheed Atiqi

The shortest stack when the final table started. AJ Waheed Atiqi had little room to work with. Essentially any pot he entered had the potential to be his last and Peter Eichhardt made sure he would not see anymore at the PLO final table.

Atiqi limped in early position and Eichhardt raised to 60,000 on the button. The blinds folded and Atiqi called all-in with KJ♣J4♦. Eichhardt rolled over K♣K♠95♠ and held through the 82♣23Q♣ board to lock up the bustout. He is up to 1,350,000 as his chip lead grows against a relatively short-stacked final table.

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