Event 57: Peter Eichhardt Doubles Into The Chip Lead With Quads

Event 57: $600 Pot-Limit Omaha $75,000 Guarantee

Level 23
Blinds: 12,000/24,000
Total Entrants: 200
Players Remaining: 3


Peter Eichhardt has taken back the chip lead after rivering quads against Yi-Chih Huang.

The great game of PLO can lead to some exciting hands playing out and the most high-wire one of the final table just played out with Peter Eichhardt taking the chip lead back from Yi-Chih Huang.

Huang opened to 62,000 on the button and Eichhardt called in the small blind. Kenneth Wong folded his big blind and Eichhardt checked the 9♣85♣ flop. Huang bet 82,000 and Eichhardt called. Eichhardt checked the 3 turn and Huang bet 214,000. Not to be outdone, Eichhardt check-raised all-in for 649,000 total.

Huang called with A107♣6 for a straight while Eichhardt was looking for the board to pair with his KJ♠99♠. The 9 hit the river to give Eichhardt quads and he shipped the massive pot to move back to 1,500,000. Huang fell to 1,080,000 and lost an all-in to Wong a few hands late to drop to 800,000.

Wong’s K♣KQ♣9♣ defeated the A532 of Huang on a A♣65♣4♣6♣ board. Wong now sits with 650,000.

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