Event 56: Harsukhpaul Sangha Takes The Chip Lead On The Final Hand Of The Night

Event 56: $1,600 No-Limit Hold’em $2,000,000 Guarantee 

Level 24
Blinds: 12,000/24,000/4,000
Total Entrants: 2,216
Players Remaining: 40
Chip Average: 1,108,000


Harsukhpaul Sangha is the chip leader heading into Day 3 after picking up aces at the perfect time to eliminate Lucinda Martinez. 

The last hands of the night aren’t usually filled with much drama as most players are mentally onto Day 3 but Harsukhpaul Sangha managed to gain the chip lead right before the plastic came out as a result of his timely pickup of aces against Lucinda Martinez.

Sangha opened to early position to 70,000 and Marty Mathis called in the hijack. Martinez then shipped for about 1,200,000 from the cutoff. Sangha called and showed AA♠ once Mathis got out of the way. Martinez had timed her shove with 99♠ poorly and had one foot out the door.

The 102♣2♠3♣3 board was no help for Martinez and she made her way to the payout desk. With the bags on the table, Sangha is the chip leader heading into tomorrow with 3,710,000. The full seat draw and chip counts along with the end of day recap will be posted shortly.

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