Event 64: Pete Mall Eliminated 8th ($5,520)

Event 64: $1,100 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-or-Better 8-Max $75,000 Guarantee 

Level 21
Blinds: 8,000/16,000
Total Entrants: 184
Players Remaining: 7


Pete Mall

A short stack when the final table started, Pete Mall became even shorter when he lost 38,000 to Julien Martini in a hand that didn’t go past the flop. Mall was eliminated a few hands later by Jake Tilley, who is the new chip leader.

Mall opened to 55,000 in early position and Tilley called on the button. Mall moved all-in for 80,000 on the K♣10♣2♣ flop and Tilley called. Tilley had flopped the nuts A♣7♣6♣2 and Mall was drawing to an emergency low AK♠4♠3. The 5♠ turn gave him more outs but the 2 river was not the right card.

Tilley leads with 520,000, which is close to one-quarter of the total chips in play.

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