Event 7: Marcelo Drumm Eliminated 9th ($3,256)

Event 7: $340 No-Limit Hold’em DoubleStack $100,000 Guarantee 

Level 28
Blinds: 30,000/60,000 w/ 10,000 ante
Players Remaining: 8/612

Marcelo Drumm

From the hijack, Marcelo Drumm moved all-in for just under 1,000,000 with AK♣. Geraldo Gomes moved all-in for 880,000 with Q♠Q♣ from the cutoff. The button and blinds folded.

Gomes doubled-up on a J♣536J♠ board and Drumm was left with about 80,000.

On the next hand, Drumm moved all-in with 8-9 of Diamonds. Michael Hopkinson moved all-in for about 875,000 from the small blind. Hopkinson showed K♠K and Drumm was eliminated 9th for $3,256 on an AJ10JK♣ board.


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