DeepStack Extravaganza (NYE) Event #14 Final Table Update

It was Christopher Banks’ turn to go all in. When he raised preflop to 625K, Satish Surapaneni re-raised to 1.1 million. Banks quickly went all-in with his 2.65 million, and, after some thought, Surapaneni called. Banks’ pocket Kings reigned supreme against Surapaneni’s A♦ Q♠ on a 7♥ 2♠ 3♥ J♥ 4♣ board.

Not to be left out, Manig Loeser went all-in with his final 950K chips and A♥ 10♦. Dominic Guarnieri called all-in with significantly more chips. Loeser doubled up on a very friendly J♥ 10♠ K♥ A♦ 3♠ board.

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