DeepStack Championship Event #47 Final Table Update

Shalom Elharar called from the cutoff followed by Arnaud Enselme in the small blind. Kane Lai checked from the big blind before the three players watched the flop fall T♦ 8♣ 8♦.

The blinds checked to Elharar who fired out 130,000. Both Enselme and Lai called.

All three players checked the 6♠ on the turn before the 2♠ completed the board.

Enselme bet out 175,000. Lai raised to 425,000. Elharar agonised over his decision for a minute then folded. Enselme called shortly after, but mucked his hand, after Lai tabled K♣ 8♥ for trip eights and the winning hand.

Kane Lai – 3,200,000
Arnaud Enselme – 3,400,000
Shalom Elharar – 1,500,000

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