Roman Rogovskyi Eliminated in 7th Place ($35,881)

Congratulations to Roman Rogovskyi from Ukraine who finished 7th in our DeepStack Championship Event #91 $1,100 NLH Summer Saver I $1M GTD winning $35,881.

Blinds: 100,000 / 200,000

Roman Rogovskyi moved all in for around 3,200,000 from middle position. Seat 10 was next to act, and also moved all in for 6,600,000, from the hijack. The rest of the table got out of the way.

Seat 10: A♣ K♥
Rogovskyi: A♥ T♣

Rogovskyi was unable to improve, after the board ran out 9♥ 7♥ 8♠ 2♣ 2♦, resulting in his demise in seventh place.

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