Michael Spang Finishes in 4th Place ($29,100)

Congratulations to Michael Spang from Denmark who finished 4th in our DeepStack Championship Event #95 $400 NLH MonsterStack $100K GTD winning $29,100.

Spang came into the final table with a mid-sized stack, but saw that grow to one of the chip leaders, after eliminating both Robert Weisman and Hugh Crockett in the same hand.

Once four-handed play was reached, Spang agreed to an even chop, which saw him collect $29,100 for his efforts.

The remaining four players then agreed to do a flip to see who would be crowned the champion. The order of the final placings would depend on who beat who.

Steven McCartney: 4♦ 3♠
Nissar Quraishi: A♦ Q♠
Ryan Brown: 9♣ 5♣
Michael Spang: K♥ 9♦

Board: A♣ 8♠ 2♥ 5♦ 4♣.

Spang was the only player to not connect with the board ultimately finishing in fourth place.

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