DeepStack Championship Event #109 Final Table Wrap Up

Another successful DeepStack Championship event is in the books. This time, it was our Event #109 $600 NLH DoubleStack $100K GTD, a one-day event that attracted 382 players who created a prize pool of $196,730; nearly doubling our guarantee. 45 players found themselves in the money, earning at least a min-cash of $1,082.

We reached the final table at approximately one a.m.; nearly 13 hours after the tournament began. The final table itself lasted a relatively short three hours as some aggressive play led to early eliminations.

The final ten were an eclectic blend of Americans and foreigners with some pretty enigmatic personalities. All-in-all, everyone was quite pleasant and appeared to be enjoying themselves, especially given the late hour.

Champion Trif Calin-Ioan was responsible for eliminating five of the ten final table players: Charalampos Lappas, Cari Zieske, Kwok Chun King, Daniel Couzens, and Ricardo Linhares. Once we were heads-up, Mike Chau cooled down the smokin’ hot Calin-Ioan, scoring a couple of double ups, thus making the gentlemen nearly even chip-wise and creating a positive environment for a heads-up deal that saw Calin-Ioan take the lion’s share of the prize money and the title.

Congratulations again to Trif Calin-Ioan from Romania who won a hefty $35,500.

Calin-Ioan (3)

Congratulations again to the rest of our final table.

Chan (3)

2nd: Mike Chau

Lappas (3)

3rd: Charalampos Lappas

Zieske (3)

4th: Cari Zieske

King (2)

5th: Kwok Chun King

Deane (3)

6th: Taylor Deane

Kahan (3)

7th: David Kahan

Seale (3)

8th: Jacob Seale

Couzens (3)

9th: Daniel Couzens

Linhares (3)

10th: Ricardo Linhares


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