DeepStack Extravaganza IV Event #17 Final Table Wrap Up

Well, yet another successful DeepStack Extravaganza  tournament is in the books. This time it was our Event #17 $1,100 NLH MonsterStack $150K GTD. This tourney attracted 224 players who combined for a prize pool of $217,280, well over our guarantee. Of those entrants, 39 made it to Day 2, and 24 of them found themselves in the money competing for a hefty first prize of more than $54,000.

As usual, we had our normal mix of regulars, irregulars, locals, and visitors, and some faces we hadn’t seen at a final table in far too long. All in all, it was a very pleasant table with some top-notch humor and sarcasm. And, of course, the poker was pretty darn good.

We had a couple of quick eliminations right off the bat followed by several double ups and numerous strategic raises and shoves obviously designed to sniff out any weaknesses and test opponents’ moxie. The table conversation was almost reminiscent of a home game with a bunch of friends who play poker often and knew what each other was, and wasn’t, going to do. There was really never a boring stretch like what is oftentimes the case with final tables with players who don’t really want to take a chance. Such was definitely not the case today as the chips were a’flying like beads on Mardi Gras.

Of particular interest in this tournament was that of the final nine, seven were in the top-15 chip counts entering Day 2. Our winner Jeremy Pekarek, in fact, was the chip leader entering Day 2 with a whopping 607,500 chips. James Brown was a close second with 587,500. Steve Hwang came into today with 400,000, and Tim Reilly, Joe Marchal, Kfir Nahum, and Nick Jivkov each had over 200,000 chips. Our runner up Jeff Niedelman was near the middle, chip-wise, and Kenny Ho was actually among the very short stacks entering Day 2, so his play today was, indeed, impressive.

When all was said and done (without any discussion of a deal whatsoever, which is somewhat a rarity lately), Jeremy Pekarek outlasted his opponents to reign supreme. Congratulations again to Jeremy on this his very first Venetian tournament win and trophy, as well as his impressive $54,323. He was so stoked, in fact, we had a little photo shoot to commemorate the occasion.

pekarek win (2)

Congratulations as well to the rest of our final table.

niedelman (2)

2nd: Jeff Niedelman, $33,765

nahum (3)

3rd: Kfir Nahum, $24,335

jivkov (3)

4th: Nick Jivkov, $18,034

reilly (3)

5th: Tim Reilly, $13,471

ho (2)

6th: Kenny Ho, $10,212

marshal (3)

7th: Joe Marchal, $8,039

hwang (2)

8th: Steve Hwang, $6,301

brown (3)

9th: James Brown, $4,997

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