DeepStack Extravaganza IV Event #22 Final Table Wrap Up

Well, another successful DeepStack Extravaganza tournament is in the books. This time it was our Event #22 $400 NLH DoubleStack $100K GTD that attracted 434 players who combined for a prize pool of $145,390. 52 players returned for Day 2, and, of them, 45 found themselves in the money.

It took a little while to reach our final table, but once we did, the action escalated rather quickly. The remaining nine players were our usual mix of locals, visitors, regulars, and irregulars, but it was definitely an animated and pleasant table with a lot of different personalities.

At one point, our champion Mike Youngman was severely short-stacked with only 565,000 chips, but as opponents fell, Youngman’s play became bolder and more aggressive. When we were five-handed, Youngman started to make his move, and by the time we were three-handed, the chips were a’flying like beads at Mardi Gras. The chip lead moved around a bunch, and we wondered just how long this final table would go. Our final three, Youngman, Mike Del Vecchio, and Nathan Altenhofen pulled no punches and were quite assertive and aggressive in their play. It was, truly, fun to watch.

When all was said and done, Mike Youngman emerged victorious, nabbing a hefty $31,986 prize as well as our stunning and highly coveted trophy that he plans to give to his mother. Also, this is his second largest live cash. Way to go Mike!

youngman win (2)

Congratulations again to the rest of our final table.

Del Vecchio (3)

2nd: Mike Del Vecchio, $19,773

Altenhofen (3)

3rd: Nathan Altenhofen, $14,394

Zamani (3)

4th: Martin Zamani, $10,613

strzemp (2)

5th: John Strzemp, $7,996

Li (3)

6th: Brian Li, $6,106

7th: Seat #5, $4,798

Maxtone Graham (3)

8th: Guy Maxtone-Graham, $3,780

O'Neill (3)

9th: Debi O’Neill, $2,762

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