Wenje Lai Eliminated in 4th Place ($13,343)

Congratulations to Wenje Lai from San Jose, CA who finished fourth in our DeepStack Championship Event #6 $400 NLH MonsterStack $150K GTD winning $13,343.

Lai fell short to Dan Heimiller in a heartbreaking hand where Lai flopped two pair, with his 4♦ 6♦ on a 7♠ 4♥ 6♠ flop. Heimiller showed 8♥ 7♦. Running kings gave Heimiller a higher two pair and Lai was out, giving Heimiller his final 1.27 million chips.

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DeepStack Championship Event #6 Final Table Update

Dan Heimiller just won a hefty pot in a hand against Pavel Krapivin in a hand where Heimiller was quite the aggressor. Preflop, from the button, Heimiller raised to 300K, and Krapivin called. The flop fell 2♦ K♠ 10♥, Krapivin checked, Heimiller c-bet 300K, and Krapivin called. With a 9♥ on the river, Krapivin, again, checked, Heimiller c-bet 450K, and after some thought, Krapivin called. With a 5♠ on the river, Krapivin checked, Heimiller c-bet 700K, and after a long thought, Krapivin folded. Heimiller showed his pocket jacks.

DeepStack Championship Event #6 Final Table Update

Wenje Lai just doubled up his 1.61 million chip stack against John Reiter in a hand that began with Pavel Krapivin raising to 250K preflop from UTG and was called by both Lai from the small blind and Reiter from the big blind. The flop fell 4♣ 8♦ 2♥, and Lai shoved. Reiter called all-in effective, and Krapivin got out of the way. It was Lai’s A♠ 5♣ versus Reiter’s 8♥ 7♥. The board rounded out 6♣ 3♣, and Lai his his straight, winning the pot.