Event 13: Michael Youngman Doubles Through Ben Palmer

Event 13: $340 No-Limit Hold’em DoubleStack $100,000 Guarantee 

Level 30
Blinds: 50,000/100,000 w/ 10,000 ante
Player Remaining: 6/595
Average Stack:  2,480,000

Michael Youngman is once again the chip leader after flopping a set of his onw and extracting maximum value.

Picking up the action on a flop of 9♣72♣. Palmer bet 500,000 out of the small blind into a pot of 1,400,000. Youngman took his time and shoved for 1,800,000. It took Palmer barely any time to call and Youngman had the edge with 99♠.

Palmer’s briefly tabled his hand then put his cards face-down after the A♣ turn.

Michael Youngman – 5,300,000
Ben Palmer – 1,275,000