Poker Term of the Week

This week’s word is rake. In poker, the rake is the amount taken out of every pot by the dealer that is, essentially, the poker room’s fee for running the game. This amount is used to pay salaries, utilities, and other overhead costs.

In tournaments, the rake is represented by the entrance fee. For example, in a $250 + $50 tournament, the $50 is the entrance fee per player, or rake, that goes to the card room for expenses. Other poker rooms may just list an entry fee as $300 and provide the percentage they take for expenses.


Mark Your Calendars for Our New Lucky Shot Poker Series & Drawing

Lucky Shot Poker Series & Drawing Oct 21-27, 2019 features $225,000 in total prize pools which includes $52,000 in drawing prizes awarded Oct 27 @ 12:30 pm.

$250 in cumulative tournament buy ins throughout the week = 1 drawing ticket

21 winners to receive $2,000 each with a grand prize winner taking home $10,000. Players may win more than 1 drawing prize

You can view the official drawing rulesĀ here.

You can see the structures here.LS