DeepStack Championship Event #59 Final Table Wrap Up

Another successful DeepStack Championship event is in the books. This time, our Event #59 $600 Big O $50K GTD attracted 218 players who created a prize pool of $112,924; more than doubling the guarantee of $100,000. Of those, 30 made it to Day 2, and we paid out 24 places.

Day 2 flew by relatively quickly with the returning 30 falling down to an eventual champion in just over eight hours of play.

The final table was dominated with six international players represented from Canada (2), China, UK, Russia and Brazil as well as two local players from Las Vegas and Beaverton.

The hand of the night came between both chip leaders at the time, Bruno Gazotto and Keeth Beharrell, when there was six players left. Both players were all in on a flop of queen-ten-seven with Beharrell having the lead with top two pair against Gazotto’s straight draw. The straight would come on the turn and Gazotto would have more chips then his other four opponents combined.

The final hand of the night saw Maxim Kutonek take out Lu Yang, leaving just three, who would end up agreeing to a chop.

Shukri Mushahwar would take third, Kutonek second, and Gazotto would be crowned the champion, collecting $27,478 for his efforts as well as his first Venetian DeepStacks trophy.

Congratulations again to Bruno Gazotto from Brazil.

1st Place – Bruno Gazotto
2nd Place – Maxim Kotenok
3rd Place – Shukri Mushahwar
4th Place – Lu Yang
5th Place – Joe Mitchell
6th Place – Keeth Beharrell
7th Place – Kean Chin
8th Place – Gloria Kanngiesser

Bruno Gazotto Wins DeepStack Championship Event #59 and $27,478

Congratulations to Bruno Gazotto from Brazil who took down our DeepStack Championship Event #59 $600 Big O $50K GTD winning $27,478 and our beautiful and highly coveted trophy.

Gazotto came into the final table as the overwhelming chip leader. He then took out Keeth Beharrell (6th) and Joe Mitchell (5th) in quick succession which left him with more than half the chips in play with four players left.

Once Lu Yang was eliminated in fourth place, Gazotto agreed to a three-way chop, which saw him collect the title as well as the trophy.

Maxim Kotenok Finishes in 2nd Place ($18,053)

Congratulations to Maxim Kotenok from Russia who finished 2nd in our DeepStack Championship Event #59 $600 Big O $50K GTD winning $18,053.

Kotenok picked his spots perfectly at the final table before eliminating Lu Yang in the final hand of the night. Yang had turned a straight before Kotenok rivered a flush leaving the final table three-handed.

Kotenok then accepted a deal which saw him collect $18,053 – smashing his previous best live score of $3,642.

Shukri Mushahwar Finishes in 3rd Place ($15,104)

Congratulations to Shukri Mushahwar from the United Kingdom who finished 3rd in our DeepStack Championship Event #59 $600 Big O $50K GTD winning $15,104.

Mushahwar came into the final table as one of the short stacks, but sat back patiently and waited as the rest of the table were eliminated, before accepting a chop three-handed.

This is Mushahwar’s second cash in this DeepStack series after finishing 111th in the Seniors event one week ago.