DeepStack Extravaganza (NYE) Event #14 Final Table Wrap Up

This was one heck of a tournament. After three flights, our Day 2 began with 149 players remaining from the whopping 1,250 entrants. Our $260K guarantee was surpassed by our $418,750 prize pool.

This was, indeed, quite a roller coaster as chip leads were accumulated and then lost. When all was said and done, Manig Loeser took first place, $74,323 and our highly coveted trophy.


Congratulations again to the rest of our final table.

McArdle (2)

10th: Henry McArdle, $5,863

Yamamoto (2)

9th: Ken Yamamoto, $7,119

Azuly (2)

8th: Eidan Azuly, $8,794

Guarniero (2)

7th: Dominic Guarnieri, $11,306

Papelian (2)

6th: Sevak Papelian, $14,656

Baldwin (2)

5th: Eric Baldwin, $19,263

SS (2)

4th: Satish Surapaneni, $25,586

Banks2 (2)

3rd: Christopher Banks, $33,500

Worre (2)

2nd: Eric Worre, $46,063

Eric Worre Eliminated in 2nd Place ($46,063)

This was an epic heads-up battle. Congratulations to Eric Worre from Las Vegas, NV who finished second in our DeepStack Extravaganza (NYE) Event #14 $400 NLH MonsterStack $260K GTD winning $46,063.

In Worre’s final hand, his K♥ J♠ fell to Loeser’s K♠ Q♣ on a board—A♠ K♣ 4♥ 7♦ K♦—where both gentlemen were sure they had the best hand, but it was Loeser’s kicker that spelled the end of Worre’s quite impressive tournament.