Daily Tournaments Resume February 26

Daily Tournaments 

Daily tournaments resume in the Venetian Poker Room February 26, 2018 with two tournaments per day at 12 p.m. and 7 p.m.

The daily schedule includes a $150 No-Limit Hold’em SuperStack $5,000 Guarantee Monday, Saturday and Sunday at 7 p.m. and a 12 p.m. $200 No-Limit Hold’em SuperStack $15,000 Guarantee each Friday.

Every Saturday at 12 p.m. a $340 No-Limit Hold’em DoubleStack $25,000 Guarantee takes place. Smaller $125 tournaments are available at 7 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday.

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Event 43: $340 No-Limit Hold’em DoubleStack $100,000 Guarantee Day 1B Begins at 12 p.m.

Event 43: $340 No-Limit Hold’em DoubleStack $100,000 Guarantee 

Event 43: $340 No-Limit Hold’em DoubleStack $100,000 Guarantee Day 1B begins at 12 p.m.

Players begin with 25,000 in tournament chips and play 40-minute levels. The registration and re-entry period is open through the first nine levels and the break, ending at approximately 7 p.m.

Event 43 is a two-day tournament with two starting days:

  • Day 1A – 12 p.m. February 23
  • Day 1B – 12 p.m. February 24
  • Day 1 – 12 p.m. February 25

Event 43: $340 No-Limit Hold’em DoubleStack $100,000 Guarantee Day 1A Chip Counts

Event 43: $340 No-Limit Hold’em DoubleStack $100,000 Guarantee 

Event: $340 No-Limit Hold’em DoubleStack
Guarantee: $100,000
Day 1A Entries: 214
Current Prize Pool: $59,920
Players Remaining: 31
Chip Leader: Ross Fabrizio – 375,000

*Day 1B begins at 12 p.m. February 24

Day 1A Chip Counts

PlayerChip Count
Ross Fabrizio375,000
John Mercer353,000
Michael Youngman328,500
Tony Zharnitsky300,000
David Wehrer282,500
Neil Patel260,000
Emmanuel Lomibao224,500
Simon Webster223,000
TJ Western218,500
Robert Goulding209,000
Josias Santos170,500
Jonas Fuchs169,500
Aleksei Domnikov169,000
Adam Razell161,500
Joseph Guarino155,000
Jared Ingles143,000
Jerome Courshon139,000
Casey Turner135,500
Jeff Rodino131,000
Jose Mendoza126,000
David Gelley124,000
Jose Luis118,500
Jeremy Jagoda117,500
Malki Yaron Zeev111,500
Sander Van Berbum107,500
Tammy Wing103,000
Jawdet Sulamain91,000
Ramsey Yehia90,500
Steve Ryan87,500
William McKinley52,500
Kevin O'Leary34,500

Stanley Lee Wins Event 36: $1,600 No-Limit Hold’em SuperStack $1,000,000 Guarantee for $188,448

Event 36: $1,600 No-Limit Hold’em SuperStack $1,000,000 Guarantee 

Event: $1,600 No-Limit Hold’em SuperStack
Guarantee: $1,000,000
Entries: 786
Prize Pool: $1,134,984
Places Paid: 81
Winner: Stanley Lee – $188,448

Stanley Lee – Event 36: $1600 SuperStack $1M GTD – $188,448

Stanley Lee outlasted a field of 786 entries to win Event 36: $1,600 SuperStack $1,000,000 Guarantee for $188,448.

After the elimination of Vinicius Lima in third, Lee held 13,190,000 of the chips in play to Ben Ector’s 10,410,000. The two made a deal to chop heads-up, with Ector receiving $178,153.


1stStanley Lee$188,448
2ndBen Ector$178,153
3rdVinicius Lima$102,149
4thKainalu McCue-Unciano$75,930
5thWataru Nippa$57,884
7thMartin Zamani$34,050
8thJeremy Ausmus$26,105
9thLinglin Zeng$20,430
10thSchuyler Thornton$16,911
11thStephen Song$19,611
12thNeil Ho $16,911
13thWayne Harmon$13,620
14thDaniel Buzgon$13,620
15thBenjamin Miner$13,620
16thAndy Park$11,350
17thDustin Lee$11,350
18thJoseph Alesna$11,350
19thTrung Pham$9,534
20thAndrew Dean$9,534
21stSpencer Champlin$9,534
22ndRudy Mamo$8,058
23rdCody Weigmann$8,058
24thMichael Azzaro$8,058
25thMiguel Capriles$6,583
26thRobert Castoire$6,583
27thJacob Bazeley$6,583
28thSang Kim$4,994
29thWu Zhou$4,994
30thRok Gostisa$4,994
31stJordan Cristos$4,994
32ndRyan Olisar$4,994
33rdChristopher Carey$4,994
34thDavid Hubbard$4,994
35thChristopher Johnson$4,994
36thKevin MacPhee$4,994
37thAndrew Legg$4,199
38thDong Jun Ji$4,199
39thEverett Carlton$4,199
40thJoseph Cheong$4,199
41stMatthew Affleck$4,199
42ndTravis To$4,199
43rdJosias Santos$4,199
44thHaribhai Gopaul$4,199
45thJoshua Reichard$4,199
46thSampath DeSilva$3,859
47thDylan Wilkerson$3,859
48thNicholas Pupillo$3,859
49thSamantha Abernathy$3,859
50thBrian Okin$3,859
51stMyung Shin$3,859
52ndRomain Putz$3,859
53rdKfir Nahum$3,859
54thToby Lewis$3,859
55thJustin Molina$3,632
56thCraig Varnell$3,632
57thStephen Buell$3,632
58thJames Burns$3,632
59thBrent Hart$3,632
60thNicholas Palma$3,632
61stHans Brown$3,632
62ndRajasekhara Munnangi$3,632
63rdBrett Bader$3,632
64thAnkush Mandavia$3,405
65thChristopher Moorman$3,405
66thNadezhda Magnus$3,405
67thJohnathan Holsonback$3,405
68thAlan Trent$3,405
69thVincent Moscati$3,405
70thJesse Cohen$3,405
71stMichael Birnbaum$3,405
72ndJeffrey Soffer$3,405
73rdWilliam Nguyen$3,178
74thConnie Bruce$3,178
75thHoyjin Chon$3,178
76thThomas Houghteling$3,178
77thThomas McKeough$3,178
78thPeter Eichhardt$3,178
79thAllen Kessler$3,178
80thEugene Davis$3,178
81stDaniel Heimiller$3,178



Event 36: Stanley Lee Doubles Through Vinicius Lima

Event 36: $1,600 No-Limit Hold’em SuperStack $1,000,000 Guarantee 

Level 30
Blinds: 50,000/100,000 w/ 10,000 ante
Players Remaining: 3/786

Stanley Lee

Stanley Lee completed from the small blind and Vinicius Lima made it 975,000 from the big blind. Lee moved all-in for 5,205,000 and Lima called.

Lee showed 8♠8♣ and Lima tabled AQ. Lima flopped a flush on an all Heart 10-4-3 flop. The turn was the 4♠ and the 8 on the river gave Lee the pot.

Vinicius Lima = 2,200,000

Event 36: Vinicus Lima Doubles Through Stanley Lee

Event 36: $1,600 No-Limit Hold’em SuperStack $1,000,000 Guarantee 

Level 30
Blinds: 50,000/100,000 w/ 10,000 ante
Players Remaining: 3/786

Vinicius Lima

Vinicius Lima raised to 250,000 on the button and Stanley Lee moved all-in from the big blind. Lima called for his last 3,035,000.

Lima showed A10 and Lee tabled 2♠2.

Lima doubled-up on an AJ♣3♠48♠ board.

Stanley Lee – 5,7550,000