Khamar Xaythavone Eliminated in 2nd Place ($26,393)

Level 26
Blinds: 40,000/80,000/80,000
Total Entrants: 253
Players Remaining: 1

On a A106 flop, Khamar Xaythavone was all-in at at risk against Leonard Talerico.

Xaythavone: AQ982
Talerico: K6432

Talerico was calling for a diamond as the Q fell on the turn to put him ahead. The 2 river confirmed the result, and Xaythavone was eliminated as runner-up for $26,393.

Talerico takes home the DeepStack Championship silver coin and $37,791 for his victory.

Joe Ford Eliminated in 3rd Place ($18,801)

Level 27
Blinds: 50,000/100,000/100,000
Total Entrants: 253
Players Remaining: 2

After Joe Ford made a flush to chop and survive, chips were exchanged during several hands before Ford was again all-in and at risk on the A98 flop for the rest of his short stack against Leonard Talerico.

Ford: A10762
Talerico: QQ1052

The A and K completed the board and Talerico scooped the pot with his flush, while Ford was eliminated in third place for $18,801.

Leonard Talerico – 5,600,000
Khamar Xaythavone – 725,000
Joe Ford – 0

Joe Ford Makes a Flush to Survive

Level 26
Blinds: 40,000/80,000/80,000
Total Entrants: 253
Players Remaining: 3

Leonard Talerico limped the button, Joe Ford came along in the small blind, and Khamar Xaythavone checked his option.

The dealer spread the A98 flop and the blinds checked to Talerico who bet 300,000. Both opponents called.

The 5 landed on the turn and action checked to Talerico who potted. Ford called all in for about 715,000 and Xaythavone folded.

Ford: AQJ106
Talerico: 76542

Ford was in rough shape, but a heart spiked the river to give him the nut flush for the high to survive, while Talerico took the low.

Leonard Talerico – 3,275,000
Khamar Xaythavone – 1,725,000
Joe Ford – 1,325,000