DeepStack Final Table Updates


DeepStack Extravaganza I Event #40
$400 NLH MonsterStack $100K GTD
February 22-24, 2020

The final hand.

After David Yoon shoved, Randy Krushelniski snap-called effective. It was Yoon’s Q, J off versus Krushelniski’s K, 10 off, and the king held up giving Krushelniski the win.

Randy Krushelniski extending his chip lead.

In heads up play Randy Krushelniski definitely had the poker gods smiling upon him. He first took a 2.6-ish million pot with a pair of fours. In the next hand, he amassed another 800K chips from David Yoon, thus extending his chip stack to a whopping 9.84 million. He took another 1.6 million pot with a strategic shove.

Marquis Waters out in 3rd place.

This hand began with Randy Krushelniski raising to 300K from the small blind, and Marquis waters calling from the big blind. The flop fell 9♥ 6♦ Q♦. Krushelniski c-bet 400K, and Waters called. With the 3♠ on the turn, Krushelniski shoved and Waters called. It was Krushelniski’s pocket aces against Waters’ Q♣ 10♥. The 5♣ on the river spelled the end of Waters’ tournament. Krushelniski is now the massive chip leader with 7.3-ish million chips.

Marquis Waters is chipping up.

In the first hand, Marquis Waters and David Yoon duked it out until showdown with Waters winning an 850K pot with a pair of nines. In the second hand, Waters won another 950K pot versus Yoon with pocket deuces.

A deal is struck.

Our remaining three players agreed on a deal

Randy Krushelniski doubles up again.

After David Yoon raised to 160K from the button, Randy Krushelniski re-raised to 500K. Yoon shoved, and Krushelniski snap-called. It was Yoon’s A, Q off versus Krushelniski’s A, K suited, and the king kicker held up, enabling Krushelniski to double his 1.285 million chip stack.

Randy Krushelniski doubles up.

After David Yoon shoved from the small blind, Randy Krushelniski snap called from the big blind with his final 690K chip stack. Krushelniski’s A, 7 suited won him the pot when he hit a seven on the flop to stay alive.

No deal.

Play continues.

Updated chip counts.

The clock has stopped again for another potential deal. Our remaining three stand as follows:

Marquis Waters: 5.09 million
David Yoon: 4.935 million
Randy Krushelniski: 1.175 million

Tarek Makki out in 4th place.

Tarek Makki found himself all-in against David Yoon for his final 455K chips. It was Yoon’s A, K suited against Makki’s A, 10 suited. The king kicker held up.

Updated chip counts.

The gentlemen paused the clock to discuss a deal, but decided to continue playing. Here is where they stand at the moment:

Marquis Waters: 4.13 million
Tarek Makki: 1.29 million
David Yoon: 4.64 million
Randy Krushelniski: 1.04 million

We are in Level 25 with 25,000/50,000 blinds and a 25,000 big blind ante.

John Michalak out in 5th place.

On a 3♥ 7♣ 5♣ 7♠ board, Marquis Waters and John Michalak had created a 1.06 million pot. With the 2♦ on the river, Waters shoved and Michalak called. It was Michalak’s A♣ 4♣ versus Waters’ J♦ 3♦. Waters accumulated an additional 1.03 million from Michalak.

Rich Halford out in 6th place.

Rich Halford shoved with his final 425K chips from the button and was called effective by David Yoon from UTG. It was Yoon’s K, 5 suited versus Halford’s A, 10 suited. When the board ran 5-10-K-K-Q, Halford was out.

Rhonda Shepek out in 7th place.

This hand began with Randy Krushelniski, Rhonda Shepek, and David Yoon all contributing 150K preflop. The flop fell 7♠ 7♥ 10♦. All three players checked. The A♥ fell on the turn. Yoon and Shepek checked, Krushelniski bet 150K, Yoon raised to 450K, Shepek shoved with her final 600K-ish chip stack, Krushelniski folded, and Yoon snap-called effective. It was Shepek’s A♦ K♠ versus Yoon’s K♦ 7♦. A Q♥ on the river sealed Shepek’s fate.

David Yonnotti out in 8th place.

This hand began with David Yonnotti shoving from UTG with his final 375K chip stack. David Yoon called effective from the cutoff. It was Yonnotti’s A, 5 suited versus Yoon’s pocket sevens and the sevens held up.

Kyle Caslin out in 9th place.

After Marquis Waters raised to 135K from mid position, Kyle Caslin shoved from the big blind. It was Waters’ pocket queens versus Caslin’s A, J off. Even though he didn’t need it, Waters hit another queen on the river, eliminating Caslin and amassing his 350K chip stack.

We have reached the final table.

We have finally reached the final table in our DeepStack Extravaganza I Event #40 $400 NLH MonsterStack $100K GTD. Our remaining nine lucky—and, of course, highly skilled—players are:

Marquis Waters: 1,665,000
Tarek Makki: 620,000
David Yoon: 2,295,000
John Michalak: 1,930,000
Rhonda Shepek: 650,000
Rich Halford: 1,400,000
Kyle Caslin: 450,000
David Yonnotti: 675,000
Randy Krushelniski: 1,440,000

Good luck everyone!