DeepStack Final Table Updates

DeepStack Showdown August Event #14
$400 NLH DoubleStack $250K GTD
August 13-18, 2019

The final hand.

As would be expected, Chris Ray shoved with his final 830K chips and Mahesh Rathi snap called. It was Ray’s Q♦ 8♠ against Rathi’s 3♠ 2♣ (definitely not as promising as the previous hand.) The flop fell 10♦ 3♦ 7♠., and Ray still had some hope remaining. However, with a 7♣ on the turn and 3♣ on the river, Rathi’s unlikely full house secured him the win.

Chris Ray crippled.

In this hand, both men agreed to go all-in blind. It was Chris Ray’s pocket fours versus Mahesh Rathi’s A♠ 8♠ (actually, two decent hands for shoving and calling blind.) The board fell Q♠ K♠ A♣ 7♠ 10♠, thus giving Rathi the win. Ray had 11.3 million chips at the time, and Rathi had 10.2 million.

Greg Flierl eliminated in third place.

This hand began with Greg Flierl raising to 555K from the button. Mahesh Rathi re-raised to 1.5 million, and Flierl shoved. Rathi called. It was Flierl’s A♣ 9♦ versus Rathi’s pocket sevens, and the sevens held up. Rathi amassed Flierl’s 4.88 million chip stack as Flierl was out.

Greg Flierl wins a nice pot.

Mahesh Rathi min-raised to 320K from the button and Greg Flierl re-raised to 870K from the big blind. Rathi called. The flop fell 8♦ 7♣ K♣. Both men checked. With an A♦ on the turn, Flierl checked, Rathi bet 400K, Flierl shoved, and Rathi folded.

A deal and a save.

The three men agreed to a three-way even chop, and they will play out for the remainder of the prize pool and our beautiful trophy.

A pause in the action.

The remaining three gentlemen are discussing a deal. Stay tuned.

Robert Peacock out in 4th place.

Robert Peacock found his tournament life on the line when he shoved from the button in response to Chris Ray’s 320K raise from the UTG position. Ray called. It was Peacock’s 10♣ A♥ against Ray’s J♣ K♦. Ray couldn’t have gotten a much better flop than the J♦ 4♣ K♠ that came. A meaningless 3♥ on the turn and 5♠ on the river eliminated Peacock in fourth place and gave Ray another 3.8 million chips, making him the overwhelming chip leader.

Greg Flierl doubles up.

Greg Flierl shoved from the big blind with his 2.275 million chip stack and pocket fives and was called effective by Robert Peacock from the small blind and A, 6 suited. Even though he didn’t need it, Flierl hit another five on the turn, thus extending his tournament life.

Ray Johnston out in fifth place.

This hand began with Chris Ray shoving from UTG and being snap called by Ray Johnston from the cutoff. It was Ray’s pocket kings against Johnston’s A, K off, and the kings held firm. Ray amassed Johnston’s final 1.8 million chips.

Level 30 break chip counts.

Going into the Level 30 break, here is where our remaining five players stand:

Ray Johnston: 1.968 million
Robert Peacock: 7.69 million
Grel Flierl: 2.4 million
Mahesh Rathi: 4.98 million
Chris Ray: 4.07 million

When we return, the blinds will be 80,000/160,000.

Jon Turner out in sixth place.

This hand began with Mahesh Rathi raising to 300K from UTG. He was called by both Robert Peacock from the button, and Jon Turner from the cutoff. The flop fell 10♠ 5♠ A♠. Turner shoved with his 700K-ish chips. Rathi folded, and Peacock called. It was Turner’s A♣ 7♣ against Peacock’s pocket queens. The board rounded out 10♣ Q♣, and Turner was out.

Jon Turner doubles up.

Turner recouped 530K of his previous hand’s losses when he answered Greg Flierl’s 300K raise with an over-the-top shove. Flierl snap called. Turner’s pocket sixes bested Flierl’s K, Q off.

Chris Ray doubles up.

This hand began with Jon Turner shoving from the button and being snap called by Chris Ray from the big blind. It was Turner’s pocket threes versus Ray’s A♥ 7♠. The flop fell 5♦ 3♥ 2♦, giving Turner a set; however, a 4♦ on the turn made Ray’s straight. The 8♣ on the river didn’t help Turner, and Ray doubled up his 2.3 million chip stack.

Bobby Poe out in seventh place.

Bobby Poe fell to Robert Peacock, losing his final 260K chips.

Tamas Lendvai out in eighth place.

Tamas Lendvai shoved from UTG with his final 785K chips and pocket jacks, and was called all-in effective by Ray Johnston with A, K off. An ace on the flop sealed Lendvai’s fate.

Justin Teal out in ninth place.

Teal, from the big blind, called Jon Turner’s cutoff raise to 225K preflop. It was Turner’s A♣ 9♠ against Teal’s A♦ 4♦. When the board fell 7♥ A♠ 4♣ A♥, Teal thought he had it; however, a 9♣ on the river sealed his fate and he was eliminated.

Mahesh Rathi getting active.

The relatively-quiet-until-now Mahesh Rathi took a nice 1.5-ish million pot from Greg Flierl when he paired his ten on the turn to beat Flierl’s  pocket eights. In the next hand, despite raising against Flierl again, Flierl’s re-raise forced Rathi to fold. Then Rathi found himself in a hand against Chris Ray; however a Ray raise, again, forced Rathi to fold; however, in the next hand, Rathi recouped some of his prior losses in another raise-fold hand with Ray.

Robert Peacock doubles up.

Pocket tens to the rescue again. This time Robert Peacock defended his 1.735 million chip stack against Chris Ray’s suited Q, 4.

Justin Teal doubles up.

It was Justin Teal’s turn to win with pocket tens versus Robert Peacock who called Teal’s shove with his own and A, 8 off. Again, the tens held up, and Teal doubled his 425K chip stack.

Eric Baldwin out in tenth place.

This hand began with Greg Flierl raising to 250K from UTG. Eric BBaldwin went all-in with his final 1.64 million chips. Flierl called. It was Baldwin’s A♠ K♣ against Flierl’s pocket 10’s. With a Q♣ 6♥ 2♣ J♦ 4♠ board, Baldwin was out.

Eric Baldwin doubles up.

Eric Baldwin just doubled up his 640K chip stack against Jon Turner when Baldwin paired his king on the turn.

Chris Ray wins a nice pot.

This hand began with Tamas Lendvai raising to 250K from the button, and Chris Ray called from the UTG position after initially calling the big blind. The flop fell A♣ J♣ 2♠. Ray bet 250K, Lendvai, after some thought called. The turn was the K♠. Ray bet 500K, and Lendvai, after some thought, called. With a 5♠ on the river, Ray continued by shoving, thus causing Lendvai to fold. Neither player showed his cards.

Ray Johnston doubles up.

Here’s a hand that began with Eric Baldwin raising to 120K from the hijack and was called by Mahesh Rathi from the cutoff, Chris Ray from the button, and Ray Johnston from the big blind. The flop fell 3♠ 2♣ J♠, and Johnston shoved with his final 875K. After some contemplation, Baldwin called and both Rathi and Ray got out of the way. It was Johnston’s A♠ 4♣ against Baldwin’s A♦ J♣. The board rounded out J♥ and 5♥, and Johnston doubled up with a wheel.

Greg Flierl doubles up.

Greg Flierl shoved from the lojack with his A, K off and 835K and was called all-in effective by John Turner from the button with A, Q off. Flierl’s king kicker held up, and he lives to play another hand.

We have reached the final table.

We have reached the final table in our DSA Event #14 $400 NLH DoubleStack $250K GTD. Our remaining ten lucky—and, of course, highly skilled—players are:

Ray Johnston: 450,000
Robert Peacock: 2,280,000
Greg Flierl: 810,000
Bobby Poe: 1,640,000
Tamas Lendvai: 1,750,000
Jon Turner: 3,415,000
Eric Baldwin: 1,965,000
Mahesh Rathi: 2,755,000
Chris Ray: 4,325,000
Justin Teal: 1,665,000

Good luck gentlemen!

DeepStack Showdown August Event #8
$400 NLH MonsterStack $100K GTD
August 9-11, 2019

David Gelley out in 2nd.

In what would be the last hand of the tournament, Brandon Waggoner shoved with pocket threes and was snap called by David Gelley and his pocket kings. Waggoner asked for a three on the flop and, as has been the case today, the poker gods were smiling upon Waggoner as his wish was granted.

David Gelley doubles up.

David Gelley shoved with his 1.72 million chip stack and 9♥ 10♦ against Brandon Waggoner’s K♥ 3♣. The Q♥ J♠ 6♥ 8♥ K♦ board gave Gelley the straight and the pot.

Paul Lieu out in 3rd.

Brandon Waggoner has been buying pots left and right, and Paul Lieu found himself against yet another Waggoner shove. When all was said and done, it was Waggoner’s Q♣ 6♦ against Lieu’s 6♠ 7♠ on a 9♥ 2♣ 6♣ 8♦ K♥ board, and Lieu was outkicked and, thus, was eliminated.

We have a deal and a save agreement.

The three remaining players have agreed to a deal wherein each will win a minimum of $16,000, and they will play out for the trophy and balance of prize pool, giving the winner a respectable $22,735.

Paul Lieu doubles up again.

This time, Lieu’s pocket kings reigned supreme when he shoved with his final 485K chips. Brandon Waggoner called but mucked his hand when Lieu hit another king on the river.

Paul Lieu doubles up.

Pocket jacks won again. This time, Paul Lieu doubled up his 640K chip stack against Brandon Waggoner’s A, 10 off.

David Gelley doubles up.

Gelley’s pocket jacks against Paul Lieu enabled Gelley to double up his 1.49 million chips against Lieu’s A, K off.

Tiffany Keathley out in 4th place.

Brandon Waggoner dealt another knockout punch. This time, Tiffany Keathley was the victim. In this hand, Keathley raised to 200K from the button, and Waggoner shoved from the small blind. Keathley snap called. It was Keathley’s K♣ J♦ versus Waggoner’s A♣ J♣. When the board ran out 10♣ J♠ 3♣ 4♣ K♦, despite making two pair, Keathley’s hand paled to Waggoner’s flush and he is the massive chip leader.

No deal.

Again. Play continues.

More talks in the works.

Another deal is being discussed. Here is where our final four stand:
Brandon Waggoner: 3,565,000
Paul Lieu: 2,125,000
David Gelley: 1,590,000
Tiffany Keathley: 2,970,000

Oren Goering out in 5th place.

Brandon Waggoner re-exerted his muscle when his pocket jacks bested Goering’s A,J off.

No deal.

Play continues.

Pause in the action.

Action has paused as the final five are discussing a deal. Stay tuned.

Tiffany Keathley doubles up again.

Brandon Waggoner’s reign of terror was just stifled by Tiffany Keathley who scored a king on the turn to give her a pair and 1.435 million of Waggoner’s chips.

Cameron Lemmons out in 6th place.

Cameron Lemmons fell to Brandon Waggoner when Waggoner called Lemmons’ shove. It was Lemmons’ pocket aces against Waggoner’s K♣ 10♠. The board fell K♥ 9♠ K♠ 8♥ 10♣, giving Waggoner a hefty full house and Lemmons’ 2.045 million chips, thus cracking Lemmons’ aces and eliminating him.

Michael Sanders, Jr. out in 7th place.

Michael Sanders wagered his final 700K chips and J♠ A♣ against Brandon Waggoner’s K♥ 6♦. When the board fell 3♣ A♠ 6♥ K♠ 5♦, Sanders was eliminated.

Tiffany Keathley doubles up.

Keathley shoved from the small blind with pocket kings and her final 675K chips and was called by Brandon Waggoner from the UTG position with 10, Q suited. The kings held up.

Austin Roberts out in 8th place.

After Paul Lieu raised from the lojack to 100K, Austin Roberts shoved from the hijack with his final 620K chips. It was Lieu’s pocket kings against Roberts’ A,Q suited. Even thought Roberts hit a queen on the river, it was inadequate to best Lieu’s kings, and Roberts was eliminated.

Jonathan Delmundo out in 9th place.

Jonathan Delmundo shoved preflop from UTG+1, and was called all-in effective by David Gelley. It was Delmundo’s pocket queens against Gelley’s pocket aces. With an ace on the turn, Delmundo was eliminated, and Gelley amassed another 470K in chips.

David Gelley doubles up.

Following a 7♦ 6♥ 10♥ flop, Cameron Lemmons bet 125K from the hijack. After some thought David Gelley shoved from the big blind position with his final 465K chips. It was Gelley’s 5♦ 8♠ against Lemmons’ 9♥ 10♦. With a 9♠ and 7♠ completing the board, Gelley’s straight took the pot, and his tournament life continues.

Charles Lee out in 10th place.

From the hijack, Charles Lee shoved with his final 350K chips and A♦ J♠. He was called effective by Cameron Lemmons from the button with J♥ Q♠. When the board ran out K♥ 3♦ Q♦ 3♠ 5♠, Lee was out.

We have reached the final table.

We have reached the final table in our DeepStack Showdown August Event #8 $400 NLH MonsterStack $100K GTD. Our remaining ten lucky—and, of course, highly skilled—players are:

Brandon Waggoner: 1,685,000
Paul Lieu: 650,000
Austin Roberts: 945,000
Jonathan Delmundo: 690,000
David Gelley: 640,000
Michael Sanders Jr.: 1,335,000
Oren Goering: 860,000
Charles Lee: 285,000
Tiffany Keathley: 1,060,000
Cameron Lemmons: 2,165,000

Good luck everyone!

DeepStack Showdown August Event #3
$340 NLH DoubleStack $100K GTD
August 6-8, 2019

It’s over, folks.

In what would be the final hand of the tournament, Michael Addison raised preflop with A♠ 2♥, and was snap-called by Victor Dermendjian with pocket nines. On a board that ran K♦ Q♠ 6♥ 9♥ K♠, Dermendjian’s full house was overkill, and he emerged victorious.

Victor Dermendjian again.

Here’s another hand where Victor Dermendjian continues to assert himself. This hand began with Michael Addison raising preflop from the button to 250K. Dermendjian called. With a 8♣ 8♥ A♦ flop, Dermendjian checked, Addison c-bet 325K, and Dermendjian called. With a seemingly innocuous 3♣ on the turn, both men checked. The 7♥ came on the river. Dermendjian checked, Addison bet 425K, and Dermendjian called. Dermendjian’s Q♣ K♥ bested Addison’s 6♠ 10♠.

Victor Dermendjian continues to chip up.

Some well-timed bets and decent hands have enabled Victor Dermendjian to amass more than 6 million of the nearly 10 million chip total.

Victor Dermendjian doubles up again.

This time Victor Dermendjian shoved with pocket kings and 1.635 million chips. Michael Addison snap called with A♦ 9♥. The flop fell J♥ 10♥ K♦, giving Addison some outs; however, with an 8♣ 2♦ on the turn and river, Dermendjian took the pot, and the two gentlemen are virtually even chip-wise. Dermendjian has a slight edge.

Victor Dermendjian doubles up.

Victor Dermendjian doubled up his 1.57 million chips when his A, K off held up against Addison’s Q, 7, off when a king hit the turn.

Ping pong.

Play has been frenetic with fast bets, raises, calls, and folds. Victor Dermendjian will win a couple of good pots, then Michael Addison takes it back.

Victor Dermendjian doubles up.

Michael Addison has been throwing around his muscle, but Victor Dermendjian finally made a move that paid off. This hand began with Addison raising from the button to 200K, and Dermendjian called. The flop fell K♦ 10♥ 4♥. Dermendjian checked, Addison bet 200K, and Dermendjian called. The turn was the 8♦. Dermendjian checked, Addison bet 300K, and Dermendjian shoved. Addison called. It was Addison’s pocket queens versus Dermendjian’s 8♥ 10♣. The 6♥ on the river enabled Dermendjian to double up his 1.305 million chip stack.

Kenna James out in 3rd place.

Michael Addison called Kenna James’ 300K raise by going over the top. It was James; 10♦ A♦ versus Addison’s A♠ J♣ and the jack held up.

Michael Addison doubles up.

Michael Addison began the hand raising from the button to 225K and, after some thought, was called by Kenna James from the big blind. The flop fell 9♥ 6♣ 3♠, and both men checked. An 8♥ fell on the turn, James bet 250K, Addison shoved, and after a lengthy contemplation, James called. It was James’ A♠ 7♣ against Addison’s Q♥ 7♥, and, has been par for the course at this final table, Addison rivered a queen, doubling up his 1.8 million chips and making him the overwhelming chip leader at the moment.

Take five.

The remaining three are on a break heading into Level 27. Their chip counts are as follows:

Michael Addison: 2.65 million
Victor Dermendjian: 4.055 million
Kenna James: 3 million

When we return, the blinds will be 30,000/60,000 and a reduced (as per our norm when we reach four players) 30,000 big blind ante.

Play continues.

Nothing of much consequence in the past several hands. Some raise-fold-fold as would be expected at this level, some check-downs. Nothing too exciting.

We’ve struck a deal.

The three remaining men agreed to a deal with a save. Both second and third places will receive $14,750 while the winner gets $20,436 and our beautiful and highly coveted trophy. Stay tuned for what will, undoubtedly, be a thrilling conclusion to our tournament.

Stan Lee out in 4th place.

Stan Lee found himself against Michael Addison for his tournament life after Addison, from the button, called effective Lee’s shove from the big blind. It was Lee’s pocket kings against Addison’s pocket tens, one of which was a heart. The board ran Q♥ 9♥ 8♥ 6♠ 2♥, giving Addison the flush and eliminating Lee.

Ezequiel Torres out in 5th place.

Ezequiel Torres’ luck couldn’t last forever. In this hand, Michael Addison raised preflop to 150K, and Torres shoved. Addison called effective. It was Addison’s A♦ 4♦ against Torres’ pocket nines. The flop fell 4♠ 2♠ A♥, and Torres knew he needed help. With a 6♠ on the turn and 6♦ on the river, Torres was out.

Billy Pappas out in 6th place.

Pappas shoved from the hijack with his final 910K chips and pocket fours and was called effective by Victor Dermendjian from the cutoff with A♦ K♦. The board fell 6♦ 8♦ 6♣ 8♣ 3♦, eliminating Pappas.

Sujeet Mehta out in 7th place.

Sujeet Mehta fell to Victor Dermendjian when Dermendjian called Mehta’s shove. Dermendjian’s pocket queens were enough even though he hit another queen on the river.

Michael Abreu out in 8th place.

Michael Abreu fell to Kenna James when James called Abreu’s shove. James hit an ace on the turn to give him top pair.

Mark Yazbeck out in 9th place.

The severely short-stacked Mark Yazbeck shoved from UTG and was called effective by both Kenna James and Stan Lee. Lee threw out a bet on the river after both James and Lee checked on the flop and turn. James folded, and Lee’s pair took the pot, eliminating Yazbeck.

Michael Addison doubles up.

After Mark Yazbeck shoved preflop from the lojack, Michael Addison called from the big blind. It was Yazbeck’s A, 6 diamonds against Addison’s pocket sevens. A seven hit on the flop, giving Addison a double up of his 450K chip stack. Yazbeck is severely crippled now.

Rivered, again.

Ezequiel Torres, yet again, hits his hand on the river. This hand began with Torres raising preflop from UTG to 90K. He was called by both Billy Pappas from the cutoff and Mark Yazbeck from the big blind. The flop hit 3♦ 2♣ 4♦. Yazbeck checked, Torres bet 150K, Pappas raised to 425K, Yazbeck folded, Torres shoved with his final 615K, and Pappas called. It was Torres’ pocket aces against Pappas’ pocket threes. The board rounded out Q♦ J♦ giving Torres the nut flush and the pot.

Ezequiel Torres hits the river again.

This time, Torres shoved from the cutoff with his final 380K chips and pocket tens and was called effective by Billy Pappas with A, 9 hearts. Again, Pappas looked to take the pot with an ace on the flop and a 9 on the river; however, Torres hit the ten on the river. Again.

Ezequiel Torres doubles up.

Michael Addison raised to 80K from mid position and was snap called by Ezequiel Torres who shoved from the small blind. It was Torres’ pocket queens against Addison’s K, 10 suited. When a king hit on the turn, Torres groaned, but a queen on the river saved him and he doubled his 160K chip stack.

Victor Dermendjian chipping up.

In two consecutive hands, Victor Dermendjian has been making some gutsy moves. In the first, against Mark Yazbeck, Dermendjian raised preflop from the mid position to 65K. Yazbeck reraised from the hijack to 110K, and Dermendjian called. The flop fell 9♣ K♥ 2♣. Dermendjian checked, Yazbeck bet 200K, and Dermendjian called. With a 10♠ on the turn, both men checked. A Q♣ fell on the river, Dermendjian bet 305K, and Yazbeck folded.

In the next hand Dermendjian raised from UTG+1 to 65K. Michael Addison called from the big blind. The flop fell K♥ 5♠ 7♠, Addison checked, Dermenjian bet 55K, Addison raised to 255K, Dermendjian shoved, and Addison folded.

Dean Blatt out in 10th place.

Right off the bat, Dean Blatt shoved from the big blind with K,Q off, and was immediately called effective by Sujeet Mehta with pocket jacks. The jacks held up and Blatt is out in tenth.

The final table begins.

We’ve reached our final table. Our remaining ten lucky—and, of course, highly skilled—players are:

Sujeet Mehta: 701,000
Michael Addison: 670,000
Billy Pappas: 2,400,000
Victor Dermendjian: 677,000
Stan Lee: 1,450,000
Mark Yazbeck: 863,000
Ezequiel Torres 992,000
Dean Blatt: 384,000
Michael Abreu: 580,000
Kenna James: 1,575,000

Good luck gentlemen!

DCPS Event #130 $400 NLH Closer $250K GTD
July 23-28, 2019

We’ve reached a deal.

Our remaining six players have agreed to a deal. Check out our regular blog for photos, prize money, and the Final Table Wrap Up.

Level 33 chip counts.

Going into level 33, here is where our remaining six players stand:

Stephen Chimelski: 2.59 million
Thomas Macey: 4.32 million
Noam Muallem: 7.755 mililon
Ben Farrell: 6.22 million
Sam Vizza: 5.605 million
Kim Tae Hyung: 3.25 million

The players are “looking at the numbers” for a possible deal. Stay tuned.

Royce Baker eliminated in 7th place.

Baker shoved from the lojack position with his A♠ 5♠ and was called effective by Ben Farrell from the hijack and A♣ K♦. Even though an ace fell on the flop, Farrell outkicked Baker.

Thomas Macey doubles up through Stephen Chimelski.

This hand began with Chimelski calling from UTG. Macey raised all-in from UTG+1 with his final 2.25 million chip stack and A♣ K♠. Chimelski called with pocket sixes. The board ran 3♦ J♥ 9♦ Q♣ 10♠ giving Macey the straight and the pot.

Teri Lewis eliminated in 8th place.

Lewis shoved from the button with her final 2.02 million ships after Thomas Macey raised to 700K from the lojack. Sam Vizza called all-in effective from the big blind. It was Lewis’s pocket fours versus Vizza’s pocket jacks, and the jacks held up.

Stephen Chimelski wins a nice pot.

Ben Farrell min-raised from the lojack to 325K and was called by both Chimelski from the button and Noam Muallem from the big blind. The flop fell 10♥ 9♥ J♣. Muallem bet 425K and was called by Farrell and, after some contemplation, by Chimelski. The turn was the A♠. The action checked around to Chimelski who levied a 1.2 million bet and the other two folded.

Jeremy Menard eliminated in 9th place.

Menard lost his final 950K chips to Sam Vizza when Menard shoved from the small blind with A, K off and Vizza called effective with pocket jacks. The jacks held up.

Royce Baker doubles up.

Royce Baker just doubled up his 725K chip stack against Kim Tae Hyung in a hand that began with Hyung raising preflop from the lojack to 360K. He was called by Noam Muallem from the button and Baker from the big blind. The flop fell 9♥ Q♥ J♣. Baker shoved and Hyung called effective. Muallem got out of the way. It was Baker’s A♥ 3♥ versus Hyung’s Q♣ A♣. With a 7♥ on the turn, Baker knew he had the pot. The river was an insignificant 4♠.

Cody Wiegmann eliminated in 10th place.

Wiegmann shoved from UTG with his final 1.14 million chips and was called effective by Ben Farrell. It was Wiegmann’s K&heats; Q♦ against Farrell’s pocket kings. The flop and turn was somewhat favorable for a chop as it fell 9♠ J♠ Q♠ 10♣ ;however, a 7♠ on the fiver gave Farrell a flush and the win.

We’ve reached the final table.

Here are our lucky—and, of course, highly skilled— remaining ten players:

Cody Wiegmann: 1,140,000
Stephen Chimelski: 3,600,000
Thomas Macey: 2,050,000
Noam Muallem: 4,800,000
Jeremy Menard: 1,710,000
Royce Baker: 1,500,000
Teri Lewis: 3,300,000
Ben Farrell: 3,250,000
Sam Vizza: 4,200,000
Kim Tae Hyung: 4,245,000

Good luck everyone!