Poker Term of the Week

This week’s term is GTO which, in the poker vernacular, stands for Game Theory Optimal which, basically, is the optimal way to play a hand per Game Theory which is the study of how rational decision-makers use mathematics to create an optimal way to approach a problem—or to play no-limit hold’em. In other words, GTO is a playing style in which you attempt to play perfect poker and exploit your opponents’ weaknesses.


Poker Term of the Week

This week’s term is bounty. Some tournament have a bounty on players. Thus, knocking out any player with a bounty awards the person who knocked him/her out, the amount of the bounty. In other words, the person who knocked the player out is rewarded for eliminating said player. Bounties are almost always cash instead of tournament currency.



Poker Term of the Week

This week’s term is bullets, and it has several definitions in poker. For one, bullets can refer to pocket aces. Making a bet is also called firing a bullet. Bullets can also refer to the number of times a player has re-bought/re-entered a tournament. Finally, when a player escapes a hand where an opponent has many outs is referred to dodging a bullet.


Poker Term of the Week

This week’s term is kicker. In poker, a kicker—also called a side card—is a card that doesn’t determine the rank of a hand but is used to break ties between hands of with the same rank.

For example, if one player has K, Q and another player is holding K, J, and the board falls K, 9, 4, 6, 9, then both players have two pair (kings and nines); however, the player holding the queen will outkick the other player for the pot.




Poker Term of the Week

This week’s term is buy-in. For tournaments, the buy-in is a predetermined amount of money for a predetermined number of starting chips. For example, our Monday-Friday 12:10pm OneDay tournaments have a $150 buy-in for 15,000 in starting chips.

For cash games, the buy-in is typically the minimum needed to play that particular game. For example, a $1/$2 no-limit hold’em game might have a $100 minimum buy-in.




Poker Term of the Week

This week’s word is rake. In poker, the rake is the amount taken out of every pot by the dealer that is, essentially, the poker room’s fee for running the game. This amount is used to pay salaries, utilities, and other overhead costs.

In tournaments, the rake is represented by the entrance fee. For example, in a $250 + $50 tournament, the $50 is the entrance fee per player, or rake, that goes to the card room for expenses. Other poker rooms may just list an entry fee as $300 and provide the percentage they take for expenses.