Poker Term of the Week

This week’s word is backdoor. From a poker perspective, backdoor means hitting the two cards you need to make your hand on the turn and the river.

For example, say you have two spades in your hand and there was one on the flop. If two more spades show up on the turn and river then you’ve made a backdoor flush.

Similarly, if you have three cards to a straight between your hole cards and the flop—and the turn and river cards complete your straight—then you’ve made a backdoor straight.


Introducing Our New “Poker Term of the Week”

To add some variety and spice to our highly informative and captivating blog, we are introducing a new feature: “Poker Term of the Week.” From the relatively common to the more obscure—and until I run out of terms—see how many you may already know.

For this, our inaugural post, I will start things off with a term with which practically every poker player is familiar: the flop.

Quite simply, the flop in poker is the first three community—or board—cards dealt face-up by the dealer.