Poker Term of the Week

This week’s term is spread limit, or just spread. This is a poker betting structure with a specified minimum and maximum in which players may bet any amount within said range during every betting round. For example, if a poker room offers a $2-$5 spread limit cash game, then a player may bet as little as $2 or as much as $5 on each and every betting round.



Poker Term of the Week

This week’s term is short stack. As opposed to a yummy breakfast entree typically consisting of three pancakes, in poker a short stack is something you don’t want. Quite simply, if you are short-stacked then you have fewer chips than the other players at the table. Definitely a disadvantage. Now, where’s the syrup?




Poker Term of the Week

This week’s term is burn. In poker vernacular, burn means to discard—face down—the top card from the deck. This is done between each round of betting before placing the next community card on the board and is done to prevent any player from seeing the next card to be dealt.


Poker Term of the Week

This week we have a two-for because these two terms are closely related and because I was a couple of days late getting this post out.. This week’s terms are add-on and rebuy.

First, an add-on in a live tournament permits players to buy more chips before busting. All players are eligible to purchase the add-on regardless of the amount of chips they have. Typically, add-ons are only permitted once, usually after the re-entry/rebuy period or before a break.

Second, a rebuy is an amount of chips that is purchased after the buy-in to re-enter the tournament if you bust out or, in some cases, if your chip stack falls below a certain level. In some tournaments, players are permitted to rebuy a certain number of chips (usually the original buy-in amount) an unlimited amount of times for a specified period.




Poker Term of the Week

This week’s term is pot limit. Often used in Pot Limit Omaha (PLO), this is a particular structure in which bets and raises are restricted by the current size of the pot. Thus, in pot limit games, players can bet up to the pot size but no larger, and there is no cap on how many bets/raises can be made on any given street.






Poker Term of the Week

This week’s term is cold call. Whereas this term can elicit a number of images, in poker, a cold call occurs when a player calls a raise after there was already a bet and one or more raises.

In other words, if a player bets and another raises before the action reaches you and you call, then you are cold calling.



Poker Term of the Week

This week’s term is satellite. In poker, in its most basic sense, a satellite is a tournament with a smaller buy-in amount that awards seats to higher-value, more prestigious tournaments rather than cash.

Satellite tournaments can also be used as qualifiers for events which may have a larger popularity than capacity. Satellite tournaments are also used to divide the player pool by a certain region, country, or other location, whether for accessibility purposes or to ensure varied representation. Finally, online satellites—in addition to providing entry to larger online tournaments—are oftentimes used for land-based events