Event 23: Josh Evans Eliminated 6th ($20,307)

Level 28
Blinds: 30,000-60,000 w/10,000 ante
Players Remaining: 5


Josh Evans

Josh Evans got knocked down by Brian Altman at the start of Level 28 and Altman finished what he started shortly after taking most of Evans’s stack.

Evans moved all-in for 575,000 from under the gun and Altman called on the button. The A♠5♣ of Evans trailed the 99♠ of Altman and the 8♠2♣28♣3 board secured the elimination.

Altman is playing 5,100,000 and holds just over half of the chips in play. Evans earns over $20,000 for his finish and Barry Hutter is in immediate danger of being the next player busted.

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