DSE III: Bad Beat Jackpot Hit Inside The Venetian For $37,741

DSC_0078 (1)

Eduardo Nejaim and Anh-Tuan La are most recent winners of the Venetian Poker Room Bad Beat Jackpot, which was dealt by Venetian Team Member, Robert. 

The tournament action is piping hot inside the Venetian Poker Room but the cash game action is going strong as well. The Bad Beat Jackpot is a source of excitement in any poker room and just a few hours ago, it was hit for $37,741. The bad beat hand that needed to qualify was quad nines and indeed, that is what occurred when the quads of Eduardo Nejaim “lost” to the quad aces of Anh-Tuan La.

La flopped quads but Nejaim went runner-runner to claim the $18,871 bad beat prize. La earns $9,436 for being on the other side of the hand as both players earn a large payday for their time in the Venetian.

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