Event 49: Alexsandr Vinskii Eliminated 5th ($8,354)

Event 49: $600 Big O $75,000 Guarantee 

Level 25
Blinds: 20,000/40,000
Total Entrants: 288
Players Remaining: 4


Aleksandr Vinskii

Alexsandr Vinskii was the chip leader at the start of the Big O final table but his chips went over to the stack of his neighbor, Joseph Stiers, and Vinskii was unable to accumulate chips from other resources. Leif Force took the rest of Vinskii’s stack and the final table is now four-handed.

Vinskii was all-in for about 300,000 with AJ852♣ against the AQ7♣5♠3♣ of Force. The Q♣9♠2 flop pushed Force further ahead and the Q♠ turn left Vinskii drawing to a straight to stay alive. He missed on the J♣ river and exits in fifth. Force is now playing 1,345,000 and closing in on Joseph Stiers.

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