Event 56: Geyer And Salaburu Building

Event 56: $1,600 No-Limit Hold’em $2,000,000 Guarantee 

Level 30
Blinds: 50,000/100,000/10,000
Total Entrants: 2,216
Players Remaining: 8
Chip Average: 5,540,000

Arguably the two most experienced players at the Event 56 final table, Adam Geyer and Rob Salaburu are both gaining chips in the first full level of the final table. Both took down pots in the range of 2,000,000 and have separated themselves from the rest of the pack.

Geyer opened from the hijack to 200,000 and Matthias Eibinger defended his big blind. They both checked the 9♣99♠ flop and Geyer bet 200,000. Eibinger called and the two players checked the J turn. Eibinger checked the 6♠ river and Geyer bet 485,000. Eibinger took a minute and then called to see Geyer flip over AJ♣. Eibinger mucked and is below 2,000,000. Geyer is playing 8,100,000.

Salaburu then opened to 225,000 in the cutoff and Harsukhpaul Sangha called in the big blind. Sangha check-called for 300,000 on the 54♠2♠ flop and 600,000 on the J turn. Salaburu bet 2,000,000 on the 9♣ river. After some thought, Sangha folded and Salaburu showed A♠3♠ for a flopped straight. He is up to 7,200,000 with Sangha still in the chip lead with 10,500,000.

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