Event 64: Julien Martini Doubles Against Noah Goldman, Goldman Short

Event 64: $1,100 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-or-Better 8-Max $75,000 Guarantee 

Level 23
Blinds: 12,000/24,000
Total Entrants: 184
Players Remaining: 6


Julien Martini

Julien Martini started Level 23 in great need of a double and he found it through Noah Goldman, who is on the short end of things now.

Martini raised to 105,000 in the cutoff and Goldman put him all-in for 25,000 more from the big blind. Goldman’s 10♣8♣72♠ was up against Martini’s AJ♣3♠2. Martini managed to hold through the Q6♣6♠4♠Q♠ board and he doubled.

Goldman is now the short stack with just 150,000. Colin Gelker barely leads him with 200,000.

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