Event 64: Rob Cowen Takes The Lead, Four-Handed Counts

Event 64: $1,100 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-or-Better 8-Max $75,000 Guarantee 

Level 24
Blinds: 15,000/30,000
Total Entrants: 184
Players Remaining: 4

Julien Martini gained most of his lost chips back but is now short once against after losing quite a few to Rob Cowen, who is now the chip leader.

With about 120,000 in front of each player and the board reading Q♣9♠6104, Martini checked from the small blind and Cowen bet the pot. Martini called and Cowen showed AJ♣8♣3 for a straight. Martini mucked and Cowen hit his high-water mark for the final table with the hand.

Martini is down to 200,000 and in need of a double with the blinds about to go up. A look at the four-handed counts is below.

  1. Jake Tilley – 380,000
  2. Trevor Reader – 820,000
  3. Julien Martini – 200,000
  4. Robert Cowen – 905,000

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