Event 63: Two Bustouts To Start The Level, Daniel Bland Up To 4,700,000

.Event 63: $600 No-Limit Hold’em $300,000 Guarantee 

Level 31
Blinds: 60,000/120,000/20,000
Total Entrants: 894
Players Remaining: 6
Chip Average: 2,235,000


Weiyi Mo

The variance of all-in players surviving their encounters is finally starting to swing toward the other hand of the pendulum with Weiyi Mo and Vlad Tkachuk both on the rail.

Daniel Bland opened to 255,000 and Mo shoved for 1,055,000. Action folded back to Bland and he mulled it over before calling. Bland opened 9♣9 and was flipping against the KQ of Mo. The K♣J2♠ flop put Mo ahead but the Q♠ turn and 10♠ river gave Bland running straight cards to eliminate Mo. He increases his chip lead to 4,800,000. Mo earns $10,651.


Vlad Tkachuk

Tkachuk shoved in the small blind for 600,000 with AQ and Karo Galstyan looked him up with A6. A six on the flop worked for Galstyan and he held to eliminated Tkachuk. Glastyan is playing 2,400,000.

Kevin Nguyen is now the shortest stack with 700,000.

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