Event 67: Action Heating Up On Table 18

Event 67: $3,500 No-Limit Hold’em $3,000,000 Guarantee 

Level 22
Blinds: 6,000/12,000/2,000
Total Entrants: 1,032
Players Remaining: 32
Average Stack: 645,000

Through most of Level 22, the action has been fairly quiet on most tables with the exception of Table 18. The powerhouse table featuring chip leaders Bob Bounahra, Muhammad Rahim along with top players David Peters and Taylor Paur, has been rife with pots so far. That table will not break until the field is down to 18 players and with the average stack still above 50 big blinds, that might not be for a while. Recently, Bounahra and Rahim tangled while Peters got the better of three opponents preflop, as well as a Paur double.

Rahim opened to 27,000 under the gun and Ubaid Habib called on the button. Bounahra followed suit from the small blind before Peters pumped it up to 144,000 in the big blind. Rahim and Habib quickly folded and Bounahra took a moment before dumping his hand, allowing Peters to pick up the pot. He is currently playing 600,000.

A few hands later, Bounahra opened the cutoff to 27,000 and Peters called on the button. Rahim bumped it to 129,000 from the small blind and Bounahra called. Peters folded and the flop came out Q♠94. The two players checked and the K hit the turn. Rahim checked and Bounahra bet 150,000. Rahim shot Bounahra a look and eventually mucked his hand.

Paur managed to hold with 1010♠ for his last 205,000 against Jamie Rosen’s AK♠, leaving the latter with 225,000. As play progresses some major pots should be in store for this table.

A look at updated counts is below.

Javier Zarco – 1,425,000
Muhammad Rahim – 1,275,000
Omar Zazay – 1,100,000
Elizabeth Provan – 1,050,000
Ubaid Habib – 1,000,000
Stephen Deustch – 945,000
Bob Bounahra – 905,000

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