Event 67: Jonathan Karamalikis Doubles, Eliminates Jamie Rosen In 9th Place ($59,443)

Level 28
Blinds: 25,000/50,000/5,000
Total Entrants: 1,032
Players Remaining: 8
Average Stack: 2,580,000


Jonathan Karamalikis

Jonathan Karamalikis has gone from under 1,300,000 to second in chips in just two hands. First, he doubled through Georgios Karakousis and then he busted out Jamie Rosen.

DSC_0074Karakousis came in for 100,000 from early position and Omar Zazay along with Karamalikis called from the blinds. The K10♠9♠ flop checked to Karakousis and he bet 100,000. Only Karamalikis called and the 9 hit the turn. Karamalikis checked and Karakousis bet 300,000. Karamalikis moved all-in for 860,000 and Karakousis called.

Karamalikis’s trips 9♣8♣ had the K♠Q of Karakousis in bad shape and a blank on the river sealed up the pot. Karakousis falls to 2,900,000.

The next hand, Rosen shoved for about 950,000 from middle position with 1010♠ and Karamalikis called with J♣J♠. The A♣93♣6♣3♠ board worked for Karamalikis to send Rosen to the rail.

He is now second in chips with 3,500,000 while Rosen, the former poker pro turned entrepreneur, earns his first cash in three years.

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