Event 67: Tanveer Dhanjal Doubles Through Jamie Rosen

Level 27
Blinds: 20,000/40,000/5,000
Total Entrants: 1,032
Players Remaining: 10
Average Stack: 2,065,000

It only took a few hands for things to officially get started at the Event 67 final table as Tanveer Dhanjal shipped a double up through Jamie Rosen.

Georgios Karakousis opened under the gun to 100,000 and Rosen called in early position. Action folded to Dhanjal, who moved all-in for 1,300,000 out of the small blind. Karakousis folded and Rosen called to put a 2,800,000 pot up for grabs.

Rosen’s 1010 led the A♣Q♣ of Dhanjal but the K♠Q♠Q flop put Dhanjal ahead. The remaining board was full of bricks and Dhanjal scooped the pot. Rosen falls to 1,700,000 and is now in the middle of the pack.

The final table is now on dinner break and play will resume at 8:30 pm.

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