Event 67: Javier Zarco Doubles Into The Chip Lead

Level 34
Blinds: 100,000/200,000/30,000
Total Entrants: 1,032
Players Remaining: 2
Average Stack: 10,320,000

DSC_0051 (1).jpg

Javier Zarco is officially back to work after doubling up through Jonathan Karamalikis. 

Heads up play between Jonathan Karamalikis and Javier Zarco has been a predominately uphill battle for the Spaniard. That dynamic has officially changed now with Zarco doubling into the chip lead.

Zarco opened the button to 400,000 and Karamalikis called. Karamalikis checked the 93♠2♣ flop and Zarco bet 425,000. Karamalikis then check-raised to 1,125,000 and Zarco called. Karamalikis asked Zarco how much he had behind prior to the 2 turn and then moved all-in for 5,035,000 effective.

Zarco called with Q♣Q♠ and his over pair was better than Karamalikis’s top pair A9♣. The 10♠ river held for Zarco and he is back into the chip lead.

Karamalikis is left to battle with 6,700,000 while Zarco is playing a shade over 13,000,000.

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