Event 67: Karamalikis Gradually Extending

Level 34
Blinds: 100,000/200,000/30,000
Total Entrants: 1,032
Players Remaining: 2
Average Stack: 10,320,000

Jonathan Karamalikis is keeping Javier Zarco at an arm’s length as they play heads up. Karamalikis has taken two pots of relative importance to keep Zarco under 9,000,000 as they play on.

Zarco opened the button to 400,000 and Karamalikis defended. Karamalikis check-called for 350,000 on the K♠J3♣ flop and 975,000 on the 5 turn. They both checked the 10 river and Karamalikis’s J8♠ was enough to take the pot.

Zarco opened to 500,000 and Karamalikis called. He check-called for 350,000 on the J♠85♣ flop. The Q♠ turn was checked and Karamalikis fired 850,000 on the 7♣ river. Zarco didn’t take long to fold and Karamalikis took the pot.

Zarco is down 8,500,000 with Karamalikis at 12,100,000 as the continue to play on.

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