Event 74: Blinds Set To Go Up, Limited Action So Far

Event 74: $1,100 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-or-Better $200,000 Guarantee 

Level 20
Blinds: 6,000-12,000
Entries: 271
Players Remaining: 10

Shawn Nguyen’s large stack looms over the rest of the Event 74 final table and he has used that stack to control the action thus far. No players have pushed back at Nguyen and he has pushed up his stack up to 1,300,000 while most of his opponents have stayed in neutral. One player who has made some moves up the leaderboard is Sean Remz, who managed to get a nice scoop through Lance Howard.

Remz opened the cutoff to 25,000 and Howard called on the button. The flop came out J♠9♠7 and Remz checked. Howard bet 22,000 and Remz called. They both checked the 2♠ turn and Remz bet 112,000 on the A♠ river.

Howard called and Remz showed 7♠5♠4♣3 which was enough to get the full pot against Howard’s A1082.

With the blinds ready to go up, Remz is playing 550,000 and Howard is down to 180,000.

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