Event 73: Level Up, Updated Counts

Level 32
Blinds: 80,000-160,000 w/20,000 ante
Total Entrants: 979
Players Remaining: 5

Average Stack: 3,915,000

Following the elimination of Mark Reilly in sixth place, play has slowed down for the five remaining players. They attempted to come to an agreement on a chop deal but it ended up falling through. The rest of the level went without any major confrontation and the average stack is once again below 30 big blinds. Ara Abkarian and Eric Wasylenko are both under 15 big blinds with some chip infusion needed to stay alive. A look at the updated counts for the five remaining players is below.

  1. Oscar Carrasco – 4,625,000
  2. Jeffrey Schwartz – 5,830,000
  3. Sergei Nikiforov – 4,430,000
  4. Eric Wasylenko – 2,300,000
  5. Ara Abkarian – 2,020,000


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