Event 74: Howard & Panopoulos Out In Consecutive Hands

Level 24
Blinds: 15,000-30,000
Entries: 271
Players Remaining: 3
Average Stack: 1,355,000


Nikolaos Panopoulos

The new trend at the Event 74 final table is fast-paced action and it has resulted in two eliminations in back-to-back hands. Lance Howard had his short stack taken out by Bradley Ruben while Nikolaos Panopoulos got it in with the best hand against Shawn Nguyen but couldn’t hold.

Howard was all-in with K♣Q♣4♠2♠ against the AQJ5 of Ruben. The 866♠2J board was not enough for Howard to hang on and Ruben scooped. He is at his final table peak with 650,000. Howard takes home $15,138 for his second PLO8 final table finish of DSE III.


Lance Howard

The very next hand, Panopoulos, and Nguyen got it all in for Panopoulos’s last 800,000 on a flop of Q7♣5. Panopoulos led with Q♣Q♠4♣2♣ against the AK107♠ of Nguyen heading to the turn. The J turn benefitted Nguyen as he hit his flush. The board did not pair on the river and Nguyen added another bounty to his final table haul. He is playing 2,400,000 with three-handed play set to begin. Panopoulos earns $20,184.

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