Event 74: Nic Vita Eliminated 2nd ($37,172)

Level 25
Blinds: 20,000-40,000
Entries: 271
Players Remaining: 1
Average Stack: 4,065,000


Nic Vita

Although he put up a strong fight for the duration of the final table, Nic Vita proved to be no match for the steamroller that was Shawn Nguyen. Vita folded many hands to Nguyen’s pressure and finally gave up the rest of chips in a post flop hand.

Nguyen limped the button and Vita raised to 300,000. Nguyen called and the flop came out J106♠. Vita checked and Nguyen bet 500,000. Vita shoved for slightly more and Nguyen called with Q♠Q♣8♠6. Vita had to catch with his AQ103. The 7♠ turn gave him outs to a low but the 6 river locked up the high and the pot for Nguyen.

Vita wins $37,172 and Nguyen earns the title. A winner’s recap will be posted shortly.

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