Event 73: Eric Wasylenko Rivers Trips, Increase Lead

Level 34
Blinds: 120,000-240,000 w/25,000 ante
Total Entrants: 979
Players Remaining: 2

Average Stack: 9,790,000

Eric Wasylenko had a reasonable advantage over Oscar Carrasco at the start of their heads up match but his edge is that much large after taking down a pot with trips.

Picking up the action on a board of 9♣7♣4J, Carrasco checked and Wasylenko bet 1,100,000. Carrasco called and Wasylenko bet 2,300,000 on the 9♠ river. Carrasco called and Wasylenko showed 9♦5♥ for trips. Carrasco said he had two pair and Wasylenko took in the pot.

Carrasco is up against it now with 3,500,000 behind.

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