Event 76: Matthew Leecy Gives Some Back To The Field

Event 76: $1,100 No-Limit Hold’em Bounty  $200,000 Guarantee 

Level 21
Blinds: 6,000-12,000 w/2,000 ante
Total Entrants: 259
Players Remaining: 8

Average Stack: 486,000


Clement Richez (L) avoids the gaze of Matthew Leecy (R) as Leecy stares down his familiar opponent.

Matthew Leecy’s chip lead still dominates the Event 76 final table but in the last level, he has managed to give some back to the field with Clement Richez being the primary recipient.

First, Leecy doubled up Aaron Olshan for 100,000 when his K♣8♣ fell to Olshan’s KQ♣. Then, Leecy tangled with Peter Dykes. Dykes raised on the button to 25,000 and Leecy called from the big blind. Leecy checked the J108♣ flop and Dykes bet 20,000. Leecy check-raised to 45,000 and Dykes hung around to the 3♠ turn. Leecy checked and Dykes went all-in for 200,000. Leecy flicked his hand in and Dykes took the pot.

After those two encounters, Leecy and Richez squared off with Richez getting the better of Leecy both times. Richez opened the button to 25,000 and Leecy three-bet to what looked like 66,000. Richez put in a four-bet to 140,000, leaving himself with about 300,000 behind. Leecy dove into the tank for three minutes and repeatedly cut out chips to potentially get a read on Richez. Leecy eventually folded and Richez stacked his new chips.

The next hand, Richez opened the cutoff to 25,000 and Leecy three-bet to 64,000. Richez called and bet 52,000 on the 765 flop. Leecy folded and Richez stacked up to 600,000.

Leecy (1,150,000) is involved in almost every hand and is likely to continue that trend as long as he has his current stack in front of him.

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