Event 81: Dube Near Even, ~65 Big Blinds Left In Play

Level 22
Blinds: 10,000/20,000
Entrants: 101

Players Remaining: 2


Mark Dube is almost back to even with Gary Bolden as their heads up match gets more shallow with the blinds going up. 


Mark Dube is nearly even with Gary Bolden as their heads up match continues in Event 81. Dube took the turn as the aggressor and got Bolden to fold after risking most of his stack.

Both players put in 55,000 preflop and Bolden checked the A6♣4 flop. Dube bet 110,000 and Bolden called to the 10 turn. Bolden checked again and Dube potted it for 330,000. Bolden thought hard about the decision and folded A♣A6♣ face-up.

After taking in a few small pots in Big O following that hand, Dube is playing 710,000 to Bolden’s 805,000. The blinds are set to go up and there are only 63 big blinds left in play.

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