Event 81: Rob Cowen Eliminated 8th ($3,200)

Event 81: $1,100 Pot-Limit Omaha/Pot-Limit Omaha 8-or-Better/Big O $100,000 Guarantee

Level 18
Blinds: 4,000/8,000
Entrants: 101

Players Remaining: 7


Rob Cowen

Pot Limit Omaha

Rob Cowen doubled up and then some in the Big O round but his run is at an end thanks to Gary Bolden.

With the board reading A9♣7A♠ and 70,000 in the pot, Cowen shoved for 58,000 from the hijack. Bolden though for a moment and called on the button. Bolden had the lead with J♠998♠ but Cowen AKK♠4♣ was drawing to a better full house. The 5 river missed him and he is out in eighth place.

Bolden is the new chip leader with 450,000, good for almost one-third of the chips in play.

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