Event 84: Dimitrios Farmakoulis Eliminated 7th ($16,007)

Level 26
Blinds: 20,000/40,000/5,000
Entrants: 547

Players Remaining: 6
Average Stack: 1,825,000


Dimitrios Farmakoulis

Dimitrios Farmakoulis lost a large portion of his stack at the start of Level 26 and over the course of two hands, forfeited the rest of it.

Dan Wilson shoved on the button with A♠J♠ and Farmakoulis called with 99♠ in the big blind. The Q♠7♠3♠ flop had Farmakoulis drawing nearly dead and the 10♣ turn gave Wilson the double.

A few hands later, Farmakoulis shoved for his last 705,000 with A6 and Raffaele Sorrentino called with A8 to put Farmakoulis at risk. The Q♠J♣7♣4♣10 board wasn’t enough to give Farmakoulis a win or chip and he is out in seventh place.

Sorrentino’s chip lead is now 7,300,000 as he continues his final table run.

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